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At Raynsford Church of England Academy we want to capture children’s love of learning within the History curriculum. It is our intent that children will ignite a love of learning that will be inspired by children wanting to question and understand the world we live in today. This will support them to make connections as to how the world today has been shaped by previous events. Written and orally shared concepts, vocabulary, questioning and stories and sources will shape pupil’s undersntanding of the world in which they live in is the way it is today from past events. Children’s curiosity will be continually shaped by these sources and lead them to want to question ‘Why?’ which in time will enable children to link their historical knowledge, processes and events.

Throughout the History journey from Early Years to Year Six children will layer their prior learning with new knowledge and build the skills to ensure children can formulate constructive arguments and formulate their own ideas, independently. Learning will be understood in chronological sense; however, it will not be taught this way. The children will understand what came before and what went after each event.


History Curriculum Map

History Curriculum Overview

History Subject Sequence