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Raynsford Improvement Plan

Improvement Plan

At Raynsford Academy we continue to strive for development and improvement. We endeavour to provide both the best education for all and develop children's curiosity and experiences. 

 Improvement Focus 2023 - 2024


Three main areas of development 2023 - 2024:

Quality of teaching:

  • To implement and embed a consistent pedagogy to teaching
  • A consistent approach to the teaching of maths, English and the wider curriculum are established and implemented across all areas of the academy.
  • Thorough and robust systems of tracking and assessment are implemented and accurately drive the quality of education especially focussing on the needs of disadvantaged, SEND and least able pupils and those who are more able.
  • Effective use of assessment to inform teaching and learning, interventions, close gaps, especially for those pupils who are disadvantaged, and raise attainment and accelerate progress for all groups of pupils.
  • Outcomes for achievement are rapidly raised; the progress and attainment for all groups of pupils are at least in line with National and/ or significantly improved from low starting points. Gaps between different groups of pupils, especially those who are disadvantaged, are narrowing.


  • To ensure all staff embed a universal high quality inclusive teaching approach
  • A consistent level of support is implemented for all children with SEN
  • Staff are confident to and know how to identify children with SEN
  • Embed the process of ‘Assess, Plan, Do and Review Cycle’ to support the progress and learning of pupils with SEN
  • Implement and embed rigorous and effective monitoring processes and systems.

 Subject Leadership

  • Embed strong shared values, ambitious vision and understanding of academy priorities in line with the strategic plan with effective and robust monitoring and evaluation processes and quality assurance are in place.
  • Ensure staff are accountable for monitoring, assessing and analysing their subject area from EYFS to Year 6
  • Subject development plans are implemented and reviewed regularly.

Three Year Improvement Plan