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At Raynsford Church of England Academy scientific enquiry is at the core of our science lessons from EYFS to Year 6. Our intention is for our children to question the way the world around them works. We strive to offer a fun, practical and motivating Science curriculum which gives the unique opportunity for children to explore, discover and investigate the world around them. We want our children to remember more, understand more and do more.

At Raynsford we use Developing Experts to support our teaching of Science. Developing Experts is delivered through a sequenced curriculum designed to enable the learner to experience a coherent curriculum expressed through a logical progression.

Science is taught in topic blocks with previous knowledge being built upon to ensure fluency across the whole science curriculum. We have high expectations, while making learning accessible for all. Each topic will start with a review of previous learning with children being given an opportunity to share what they already know about the current topic and revisiting content where appropriate to ensure a depth of understanding.

We aim to offer positive and enriching experiences by conducting experiments, investigations, and encouraging questions to develop a natural curiosity. Children at Raynsford are encouraged to understand how Science can be used to explain what is occurring by performing tests, using equipment and making observations. Children are taught how to analyse data and encouraged to make predictions using reasoning skills to explain why.

At Raynsford Church of England Academy we have links with the local community and offer school trips to further deepen the children’s understanding of Science.  The pupils additionally have opportunities to be involved in Science Week and take part in STEM projects.

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Science Programme of Study - Year 1

Science Programme of Study - Year 2

Science Programme of Study - Year 3

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Science Programme of Study - Year 6