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All pupils at Raynsford are expected to wear the correct uniform at all times (other than specified non-school uniform days)

Our school’s legal duties under the Equality Act 2010

The Equality Act 2010 prohibits discrimination against an individual based on the protected characteristics, which include sex, race, religion or belief, and gender reassignment.

To avoid discrimination, our school will:

• Avoid listing uniform items based on sex, to give all pupils the opportunity to wear the uniform they feel most comfortable in or that most reflects their self-identified gender

• Make sure that our uniform costs the same for all pupils

• Allow all pupils to have long hair (though we reserve the right to ask for this to be tied back)

• Allow all pupils to style their hair in the way that is appropriate for school yet makes them feel most comfortable

• Allow pupils to request changes to swimwear for religious reasons

• Allow pupils to wear headscarves and other religious or cultural symbols

• Allow for adaptations to our policy on the grounds of equality by asking pupils or their parents to get in touch with the school office 01462 812319, who can answer questions about the policy and respond to any requests

 Our school’s uniform

  • Grey Trousers, Skirt, Pinafore
  • Red School Sweatshirt, Cardigan (with school logo)
  • White Polo, Shirt, Blouse (non-logo is acceptable)
  • Grey, White Socks, Grey Tights
  • Black Shoes (not trainers)
  • Long hair tied back
  • Red & White gingham dresses
  • Fleeces are also available for outdoor wear only.

No Jewellery except for a watch and small studs in pierced ears (earrings should be removed for PE)


PE Uniform

• Black Shorts, leggings, joggers (no sports logos)

• Owl Family Colour t-shirt (to ensure consistency of colour please purchase from school)

• Red Sweatshirt, hoodie, cardigan or fleece (Raynsford logo or plain)

• Plimsolls, Trainers


 Additional Information can be found in our Uniform Policy.

Uniform Policy Feb 2024-25

 Where to purchase it?

The following items of uniform can be purchased direct from the school and can be purchased via Parent Mail under the Payment/Shop tab

  • Raynsford Book Bags
  • PE Bags
  • Water Bottles
  • Owl PE T-Shirts
  • Pre-school Uniform

Non-branded items can be purchased from other high street retailers.


The remaining items of school uniform are now purchased online with YourSchoolUniform

Please click here 

Delivery times are approximately 3 weeks.


The PTA have arranged second hand uniform that can be purchased from the school front office for a donation. We also accept donations of good quality second hand school uniform. 


Please contact the school office on 01462 812319 or via email office@raynsfordacademy.co.uk  if you require further clarification